Google Plus Creative Kit

The other day I was mucking around with Google Plus photo albums, which appears to be Picasa in a different frame.

I opened an image and had a go at the “Creative Kit” – geez, online image correction has come a long long way!

Its all done in adobe flash, but I mean its doing many of the things I have only ever seen photoshop doing. I thought flash had its limits, but here we are.

Here are some of the things Google has got flash doing which I never thought was possible:

  • Image Sharpening… with settings
  • Image Exposure settings… including highlights and shadows
  • Auto correction of colours
  • Image softening
  • Camera simulations
  • Cross processing colours
  • Airbrush
  • Blemish fix & other touch ups
  • Red eye correction

Maybe its just me, but i think its amazing flash is doing all of that.

Am I the only one amazed at this?