Reconsidering WordPress

With my clients websites being hacked so often lately despite some security measures, I'm having serious second thoughts about moving forward with WordPress

When I consider alternatives, there are plenty to pick from. Perhaps ProcessWire, or Laravel. Really I need to answer these questions:

  • Will hacking get worse in time and not better? Seems to be getting worse
  • How much can Cloud Flare really help? Maybe I can't stop the hacks
  • Do the plugins available make it worth while? I can replicate with simple jQuery or php
  • If I jump ship, will I find the online support I need for its replacement?
  • Are my clients happy with the WordPress admin? Do they even use it?

I'm starting to think I should make a simple Laravel build that I can easily deploy and modify. I don't think people will miss WordPress when they see how fast and easy it is.