Security, Google Docs, and KeePass

How secure is Google Docs really? So far so good, but …

Lately I have re-visited the topic of what the best method for securing data, and now I’m not sure I trust anything!

To get access to Google Docs, all you need is the username and password. If someone really wanted to get in, they could probably find your username because its your email address. But if they want your password, I have no idea how they would get it. But it could be guessed if you are really sloppy.

The most comforting thing I could find about Docs’ security is that Google uses Docs internally as well. If its safe enough for them, it’s safe enough for me!

What is safer, storing stuff on-line, or on your own hard drive?

Lets think about this, storing stuff on-line is also on a hard drive. What if they go bust, what if the data is compromised by hackers, or what if the data center where its stored has a fire? I face all these same dangers in my own home office.

What’s in the fine print? I’m pretty sure they won’t get in trouble if your files disappear. Its a really long document and I can’t say I read it all. But I assumed my documents would be safe for ever.

I could get hacked, which could cause my data to be deleted or stolen right off my own hard drive, I may even accidentally delete my sensitive information myself, if I’m having a really bad day. It’s possible that when I save the data, it’ll corrupt and become useless.

However I have a backup drive, which is great if something goes wrong on the other hard drive. But is having your sensitive information in 2 places making someone looking for it twice as easy?

My Conclusion

I think that the really sensitive information shouldn’t be stored on-line. Seems like common sense. But you need to be smart about it by using encryption and good passwords. So it won’t get stolen or lost accidentally. And if it does get stolen, no one else can read it.

No data is 100% secure either in a cloud or on your local machine, but if its local you won’t be wondering if someone is hacking your files when your on holiday.