Web Design in Forster

Well I have been in Forster doing Web Design for 5ish months now, and although it’s been a great place to live and enjoy life, it’s economy isn’t quite flourishing like it was in Sydney, which goes without saying really! I think if it was,I wouldn’t want to move here.

That being said, I have been getting to know lots of people, and have been networking vigorously. Doors are opening all the time, and the ball is rolling at an increasingly fast pace.

The people of Forster seem years behind Sydney when it comes to a sense of urgency for business web presence. Seeing as the economy is so small, sole traders and small business know who all of ( if not most of ) the competitors are in the area, and the public know who they have to choose from. So in a way, I don’t see an incentive to advertise online.

But none the less, all businesses exist to make money. Although I don’t know the stats on how people find local services & products for a fact, I am pretty sure that most of the time, people Google a local service rather than using print material or a web directory (white / yellow pages).

If you are not online, or if you are but your website isn’t performing at all, then perhaps it’s time to give me a call and we can take a good look at your online situation.

Are you a business in Forster looking for a boost online with Web Design orSEO? I would happily have a frank conversation with you over the phone or via email.